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High Quality Fabric

Are you looking for shirt manufacturer, wholesaler & supplier in Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Bihar and all over India? If yes, we will definitely assistance you.

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Men’s Casual Shirt

We are one of the best and leading casual shirt manufacturer, supplier and wholesaler company in India. We have good and experience tailor master.

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Online Shirt Order

Nowadays internet days. Everyone use in internet. If you want purchased online shirt. Please do not hesitate to ask me, We are here to help you.

Who We Are

Tooley Shirt is a new brand casual shirts company which has best premium fabric quality used with the finest cotton sourced directly from mills. We design and manufacture our own shirts using an exacting construction process and only the finest materials (obviously!). Most importantly our back end is completely under our control, from the cutting of the fabric to stitching to packaging. Tooley Shirt also have an innovative shirt designer to help you visualize how these different styles will look on your fabric of choice. We are the Cotton Shirt Manufacturer in Delhi India who deals with many stylish, shirts with wonderful textures, colors, cuts and designs.

Our Features

We are completely committed to our customers and we do not make any fake promises. We are focused on providing the best quality material in attractive designs. Our main purpose is to meet the taste of our customers.

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Our Design

Tooley helps you channel your individuality, by providing design options that are curated to reflect the latest sartorial trends. We are constantly innovating with fabrics and refining designs to ensure the perfect blend of contemporary design and classic tailoring. We want you to be creative, so go ahead and express yourself. Tooley Shirt product and get creative designing a shirt that is truly one-of-a-kind.We have seen the trend that there are repeated designs in markets. So, we work with the designs and styles which are comparatively different from others. Our designers keep every fact in mind to present the best shirts with quality in front of you.

Our services

We try to maintain the comfort level of our customers. Hence, we have package of customer services. We have different installment options for them. We are the shirts manufacturers, suppliers and exporters. We sell our shirts to retailers, wholesalers, and individual etc. We also sell our shirts via online methods. We are available on various digital selling partners like AMAZON, FLIPKART, PAYTM, and SHOP CLUES. You can make payments in both online and offline modes. We attempt our dimension high to make a simple and advantageous exchange for our clients.

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Our Process

We have a well set up factory at which each and every product is prepared under complete supervision. We are not only the manufacturer company but we are also the suppliers, exporters of shirts at wholesale rate. We manufacture only men’s shirt with our own brand name. Our processing plant is very much outfitted with present day apparatuses and machines. We do also possess CAM and CAD facility. The whole procedure of assembling of shirts is finished under the best possible direction of specialists. We guarantee you to give you solid strong items. Other than these, our manufacturing Factory has present day machines and instruments that empower us to finish our mass requests in time.

Custom-made Ready-made
1. Consummate Fit Industry Standard
2. Adaptable Non-adaptable
3. Client inclination can be joined You purchase what you see
4. Edge for development No Edge for development
5. Fabric huge collection Choose from available options
6. Restrictiveness Large scale manufacturing